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How to Stay Safe on a Scissor Lift


For any builder or construction worker, the scissor lift is an invaluable addition to any building site, as it helps gain access to some high up and potentially dangerous areas. However, a scissor lift is still a very powerful piece of machinery and it should be treated genielifthire.co.uk as such, which means that it should be respected, and treated with the utmost care, before, during and after use. With that in mind, here are a few ways that you can help keep yourself and your colleagues safe when using a scissor lift onsite.

Provide Adequate Training

You wouldn’t dream of driving a car without lessons, so why would you contemplate operating a scissor lift without the proper training? Ensure that you and everyone else you’re working with are provided with proper and up-to-date training before you ever operate the lift. Make sure you know what issues can occur with misuse of the machinery, and know what to avoid doing, such as overloading the lift, procedures for dealing with any repairs and any hazards that can occur when using the scissor lift – even if it’s being used correctly.

Have Adequate Safety Gear

When you’re working at a great height, one of the most important pieces of safety equipment you need to have is a helmet. This will help protect your head if you should fall off the lift, or if something is dropped from somewhere above you. Always make sure that you’re wearing a high-visibility jacket so you can be seen at all times, and a pair of safety goggles if the task you are undertaking calls for them.

Check the Work Surface

One of the first things you have to do before operating the lift is check the ground surface you will be working on, the lift needs to be stable in order for you to work safely on it. Look out for any dips, bumps and otherwise uneven surfaces that could hinder the use of the scissor lift. This will ensure that you will be able to use the lift safely, and without getting into trouble whilst moving around the site.

Check the Scissor Lift

Before you use the lift, give it a going over, try not to rush this as you need to make sure that the lift is safe and ready to use before you begin operating it. Check for any damage, leaks or other factors and make sure that you’ve read the operating manual so that you know which specific areas of the lift to focus your attention on.

Carry Out Repairs Effectively

As previously mentioned, keep a note of any repairs that need doing, and ensure that a certified mechanic makes all the repairs needed. Also make sure that any parts that need replacing are replaced with the correct and recommended type or brand of part.

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